Happy as a pig in... a redwood hot tub under the stars

Home fun at Angela's place:
Swine and cheese in the fireplace suite.
You can be private or social.
Meet friendly locals or
fellow travellers...
like DL the powder guide,
and Hugh the oyster man.

Arrange professional massage therapy for those unprepared ski muscles.

Pick up the guitar and play. Watch raccoons... or movies. Play games. Share ideas, experiences and laughs.

Snow fun:

Red Mountain:
Only 7 mins away. It's steep, deep & cheap.
Groomed & gentle too. Can be gnarly, can be sweet.
Ski Touring: For serious fun take a 2700' chair from Red to
access ridge walks and fine terrain. Go prepared.
Cross country: The historic Rail Grade XC trail starts behind the B&B.  Excellent groomed XC trails at Blackjack, 8 mins. away.
More scenic trails & day cabins at Paulson, 20 mins.
Snowmobile tours: Guided rentals at Red. Night rides too.
Sledding: Kids' fun near the B&B on Spokane St. sled run.
GT trails in upper Rossland. Luge at Winter Carnival, Jan 26.
Uptown fun:
Small but sophisticated, Rossland has great restaurants,
friendly coffee shops, a skating arena, quality shopping,
& lively bars.  (Got kids? We'll get sitters.) 4 blocks to hike up:
a quick slide home... sometimes the best fun of the day!

Road trips:
Trail Aquatic Centre: Pools, slide, steam, spa, weights. 15 mins.
Nelson: Interesting historic town, scenic drive. 1 hr.
Whitewater: Nelson's ski hill. Fun with "freshies". 1hr 15 mins.
Ainsworth Hot Springs: Along the lake, past Nelson. 1 hr 45 mins
Northport,Wa. USA: Kulture shock at Kuk's Tavern and
inspiration at China Bend Organic Winery. 20 - 40 mins.
All played out?  Good.
But remember Powderpigs, when it snows
it's "last dance, first chair" at Angela's!
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