Breakfast served at B&B:
What do you really like? Vegetarian? Wheat-free?
Anything but mushrooms? Ski-all-day-stickum? Crepes again please?
Fresh oysters? Gotta fit in last year's outfit?  Whatever...
The coffee's good, the baking's hot, you won't need lunch.
Extras: Forgot something?  Probably got it:  shampoo, dryer, books, guitar...
Bring laptop:
Internet service provided.

Ski bench: Of course.
And your boards can be tuned for you.
Franglais:"la poudreuse!"
Deutschlish: "pulverschnee!"
Italianglo: "ciao!"
Powder: "ya snooze, ya lose!"
Fork!  Eggs Benny?
Ben says try the tofu scramble instead!
Spring, Summer, Fall:
The B&B is lovely:  Orchard blossoms, flowers, hummingbirds, a BBQ in the creekside gazebo, cool starry nights, peacefulness, mountains all around.

For fun: Rossland's famous mountain biking, golf, hiking, historical gold mine tours, can-can shows, exploring.

But, Angela likes to take off too.
So, in 2002 the B&B will open for either:
A) Independant, longer term guests, April - Oct., or
B) Usual B&B visitors & wedding parties, (if B&B manager found).

Hiring now:
Energetic, reliable, friendly summer innkeeper.
Could that be you?  Email

Art Credits: Links:
Brooze: Kiwi cartoonist of original pigs, arctic sailor.
Angela Pigasso: concepts, laughs, some pigs 'n pics.
Stephanie Gauvin: sign painter, finishing artist, doodlebug.
Larry Doell: photos: give him a sow's ear, a silk purse...
Jennie Baillie: watercolours on all the best walls.
Poignard: ski shot: radical Luc captures Guy le Marquis.
Zander: Jamphibian photo.
Johl Chato:
fast-up website production.
We do our best work in the untracked.
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