Alone or with a crowd, you'll fit right in at
Angela's B&B and Guesthouse
Look back to your tracks on Red!
Angela's Bed and Breakfast:

Rossland's original B&B, where guests have
been woken early on powder days for 20 years!
And then fed wonderful breakfasts. And then,
if fast, maybe shown a line or two on the hill.

For other guests, the B&B is a great place to be lazy, to soak in the hot tub listening to the creek, to relax by the fire, snuggle under the duvet,
and email the office with another excuse.
Smokers get to enjoy the great outdoors, thanks.

B&B Romantic Fireplace Suite:
The big bedroom has an old stained glass church
window, a carved chess set, a couch, armchairs
and cushions around the fire, and the hot tub's
just outside. It's a favourite for honeymoons
Self-catering, high on the hog!

and happy anniversaries.  There's even enough space to bring friends or in-laws. They get a small bedroom and another entrance. There's also a snack room with table, fridge, coffee, and internet service.
 Breakfast is served up in Angela's kitchen.  If you need to cook occasionally,
or bring more friends, ask.
2 bedrooms, 1Q, 1D, couch bed, etc
Bathroom with shower.

B&B Upstairs Suite:
A cosy self-catering apartment with great views, hardwood floors, sloping ceilings,
and a big pine table
in the kitchen/dining room.
1 bedroom with Q bed
D futon in lounge/ 2nd bedroom
Bathroom with bath and shower.

Angela's Guesthouse: 


More home than hotel:
Bring friends and family together in this warm, fresh, welcoming house.
Think "condo with character":
All that privacy and independence plus one-of-a-kind charm.
Modern conveniences and original 1920s features. 
It's old, and it's new:
A deep old-fashioned bath tub to relax in... and 3 roomy showers. 
Top quality Queen beds... and attractive period furniture.
Dishwasher, big s tove, etc... and a kitchen you can dance in.
Cable TVs, VCRs, stereos, phone, laundry... and original art.
Antique displays in the attic, and high speed Internet.
And, oh yes,  a sociable hot tub, across at the B&B.  
It's big, and it's small:
Book 1, 2 or 3 floors... whatever fits your needs and budget.
Perfect for your family reunion, your ski pilgrimage, your getaway.
4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 lounges, 5 couches, 1 smoking porch.
It's more, and it's less:
Less expensive than a hotel.
    More space.
        More service.
            More food options.
                More fun!


Travelling alone?  You can spread out in a private suite,
or socialise from the B&B's budget room.

Call and discuss it.
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